The National Board for Certification of Hospice and Palliative Nurses (NBCHPN®) is the only organization that offers specialty certification for all levels of the hospice and palliative nursing care team and administrators.  Each certification is valid for a four-year period, at which time the certificant may renew their credential.  Currently, NBCHPN® certifies over 18,000 health professionals.

OUR MISSION IS:  To advance expert care in serious illness.

THROUGH A FOCUS ON:  Continuing competence.

  • Competence, with the goal of being recognized as providing the preferred credential for those who provide expert care in serious illness, and as the leader in integrating the continuing competence model into credentialing programs.
  • Advocacy, with the goal of demonstrating the value of credentialing for those who provide expert care in serious illness.
  • Leadership, with the goal of influencing the credentialing environment through delineating measures of continuing competence.
  • Research, with the goal of translating evidenced-based knowledge into credentialing activities and supporting an agenda for discovery.

TO ACHIEVE OUR VISION OF:  Transforming the care and culture of serious illness.

 NBCHPN® Certification Exams  
NBCHPN® currently offers the following certification exams: Watch this video on the Value of Certification!

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